Artisan & Crafter

I began my creative venture as a pre-schooler when my mother handed me a church attendance card and a pencil one Sunday morning and quietly asked me to draw a picture. From there I went to kindergarten and enjoyed art as well as music. That is until January parent-teacher conferences.

According to my mother, during the conversation the kindergarten teacher asked my mother if she could identify which of the tempra painted snowmen was mine. My mother looked around the walls at each of the pictures but couldn’t identify mine. The teacher was surprised because mine was the only snowman that consisted of only two snowball sections.

Why was that a problem?

Because I hadn’t followed directions. Art, for my kindergarten teacher, was not about artistic expression at all. It was about following directions. It was the same with my first grade teacher: the grass should be green and colored up and down because grass grows up and down; the sky should be colored blue and colored back and forth.

After that, I refused to register for any art classes until I hit college when we had to participate in a certain number of humanities courses.